The Home Page of Ted Keys

My Family

I have a wife, Tracie, and two daughters, Heather and Lara.

My Work

I design industrial electronic instrumentation for Delta Controls Corporation; in Shreveport, La. I am a graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.


When no one else is listening, I play the saxophone, flute, and recorder. I also have a Casio DH-200 digital horn, a Casio DH-280 digital horn, a Yamaha WX-11 and WX-5 wind controller, a Yamaha VL70m synth, and an Alesis NanoSynth that I have a lot of fun with. I collect simple flutes and recorders.

I also play flute and Baritone Saxophone in the Prevailing Winds, a community band in the Shreveport / Bossier City area.

By the way, I can fix broken Casio DH-100, DH-200, DH-500 , and DH-800 digital horns. If you have a broken one, click here

If you are into MIDI wind controllers, check out this horn case for a Yahamah WX-5 with VL70-m. Or this case I built for my Akai EWI5000


I can be contacted here :

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