Custom Case with Amplifier for AKAI EWI5000


Here is a case I built for my Aka EWI5000 wind synth. The case sports a 40 watt amplifier, 2 speakers, a battery, and battery charger. The wireless receiver and electronics are built into the lid of the case and allow you to open the case, switch it on, and play. There are no exposed wires to bother with.




The batteries are under the horn. There are two compartments to store the wall wart used to charge the case and for straps and other odds and ends. The red light to the right of center on the lid is the power switch for the amplifier. The white slot on the left side of the lid is a USB jack to provide power to charge the wind controller. There are provisions to add a small mixer panel with an auxiliary audio input jack, a bluetooth audio receiver for playing accompaniment files wirelessly from your smartphone, and audio output jack to tie into a larger amplifier if needed.

At the far left and right ends of the case you can barely see anchor rings for a shoulder strap. The 7AH 12v SLA battery is rather heavy. If I build another one, I'll probably go with more expensive, but much lighter LiPo batteries.

Except for the speakers on the lid, it looks like a typical instrument case.


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Updated: 2 July 2015