Casio DH-100 and DH-200 Digital Horns

Casio DH-100 Digital HornCasio DH-200 Digital Horn


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The Casio DH-100 and 200 were sold in the U.S. in the mid 1980's. You can usually find one for sale on almost any time.While they did not seem to catch on with the general public, those who like them like them a lot.

The Casio DH-200 is identical to the DH-100 except it is black instead of silver.

Here are some of the sounds that the horn can make with its built-in synthesizer

bari-sax.mp3 (112K)
clarinet.mp3 (50K)
flute.mp3 (66K)
oboe.mp3 (47K)

These Casio horns suffer from a common failure mode. They almost all seem to eventually develop a high pitched squeal that renders the built-in sounds useless. Fortunately, they can be repaired. If you are thinking about buying one on ebay or elsewhere, be sure to have the seller verify that it is still working.

The DH-100 lets you choose from any of 6 horn sounds, including saxophone, trumpet, synth-reed, oboe, clarinet and flute.

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Need a manual for a DH-100? Here is one in pdf format (1.4MB)

Modification to add an E-flat Key!

I hate it that Casio left out the E-flat key. So I installed one...

Casio Fingering Players

When you turn on the horn, you have to hold the portamento key down in order to enable the Casio proprietary fingering mode. Gareth Ridout submitted a simple circuit modification that allows the horn to turn on in the Casio Fingering mode. You can turn the horn off and back on again to enable the recorder fingering mode.Here is his circuit

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