Casio DH-100 Digital HornIs your Casio Digital Horn broken? I can repair it!

This scenario happens over and over; You pick up your Casio DH-100, DH-200, or DH-500, turn it on, and blow. Instead of music, you get an awful squealing noise. Way down below the squeal, you maybe still hear the sound it's supposed to make, but it's totally covered by that horrible squeal. The MIDI still works fine, but now instead of a nice self-contained instrument, your tied to an external synth to make any music. You're really attached to that horn, so maybe you look around to find someone to repair it. Casio won't even talk to you about it. Your local hi-fi fix-it guy hasn't got a clue what to do with it. Sadly, you put the horn in a closet or attic and there it sits for several years. Here is what the broken horn sounds like: squeal.mp3 (34k)

This is what happened to my horn. After missing my horn for years, I researched the problem, determined the nature of the failure, and finally am able to make repairs. And the replacement parts I use are not subject to the same failure, so once its fixed, its fixed. I have now been fixing these horns for longer than anyone in the business. I have fixed hundreds of horns with various problems so if you have other problems besides the squeal, I will be happy to take a look at it. Since spare part are limited, I cannot fix everything, but I have had a lot of success fixing a lot of broken horns.

Don't you want your horn back? I will fix your horn and ship it back to you. The cost is $45 for DH-100s and DH-200s and $85 for DH-500s and DH-800s. (Note: the higher cost on the DH-500 and DH-800 is because the failed components cause damage to other parts of the horn that must be repaired.) I pay return shipping within the continental US.

Note that the mentioned costs are for squeal repair. Other repairs must be quoted on a case by case basis, and I usually have to see the horn in order to quote it. If, after I have quoted the repair cost, you decide not to proced with repairs, I will return the horn at no charge (other than return shipping).

Maybe you can buy another one. They show up on ebay quite regularly. If they work, they sell for around $200 or so for the DH-100 or up to $300 for the classier looking black DH-200. But there is a good chance that the same thing that happened to yours will happen to them. Your best bet is to let me have a shot at fixing your horn.

If you want me to fix you horn, send it to the address below. You can send payment via PayPal to

Ted Keys
8400 Dogwood Trail
Haughton, LA. 71037

Please do not send batteries or AC adaptor. Email me at to let me know that the horn has been shipped so I'll be looking for it, or if you have any questions.


Maybe you've got a horn that's beyond repair. I might want to buy it for spare parts. I have no problem fixing the electronic problems these things have, but I often have to turn down working on horns because they need replacement mechanical parts that I don't have. If you've got a busted horn thats beyond fixing, you can either throw it away, or turn it into a little cash and help fix other people's horns. Email me if you have one.